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Fresh Green Dip
food & nutrition

At Grace Living, we pride ourselves on preparing fresh, healthy and delicious food by using high quality ingredients infused with L-O-V-E. 

We are always mindful of dietary restrictions and strive to incorporate our residents' favorite dishes and traditions into our daily meals. Vegetables , fruit and a healthy protein can be found with almost every offering, and vitamin-dense smoothies or nutritional protein shakes are available upon request. . Birthdays and holidays are always celebrated to the fullest and our residents certainly look forward to all of the meals lovingly prepared for them everyday.


A healthy diet is so important to maintaining a good quality of life and our team strives to feed our residents meals that satiates both their body and their souls!  

Bon appétit!

Super Health Food

Eat Well...
       Live Well...
                  Be Well!

What's on the Menu?

Check out some of our residents' favorite meals!

Meatballs served with salad and cucumbers
Enjoying an Italian feast
Fish with asparagus and carrots
Birthday treats!
Beef kebabs, honey-baked ham and so much more for another birthday celebration!
Chicken over a bed of organic spring greens
Citrus salmon paired with roasted squash
Teriyaki salmon with asparagus
Sweet and sour meatballs with jasmine rice
Fruit buffet during a celebration
All the Thanksgiving fixings!
Sesame chicken over organic green beans and grape tomatoes

The healthy food choices and combinations have brought down my blood sugars ... all in all it's been a pleasant stay here ...

Arline, 88 years old (July 6, 2019)

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