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Updated 9/14/21

Grace Living 1 & 2 are now open to visitors!  We understand and value the importance of staying connected to your loved ones

and want to continue to encourage visitation while doing all we can to keep the residents and staff safe and healthy. 

For all indoor visitations, proof of Covid-19 vaccination or negative Covid test result taken within the last 72 hours must be provided upon entry.  

Click on the button below to learn about the current visitation procedures. 


Cleaning Tables

our Fight against covid-19

Our Grace Living team are doing all we can to protect our vulnerable residents and staff. With increased cleaning protocols, twice daily temperature checks, proper hand hygiene, making sure we have the appropriate personal protective equipment and supplies, careful screening of essential personnel who enter our homes, and adhering to all state and county guidelines, we have managed to remain Covid-free.

We also have plans in place to address any Covid-cases

that may arise. 

Click below to find out more on the steps we've been taking to keep everyone healthy and safe!

Hands Together

Together, we can and will 

get through this!

Additional Resources and Information

Spring Branches
covid-19 information

Ventura County Agency on Aging

Learn about all the wonderful programs and resources available to seniors and their families.

VCAAA has Covid-19 specific programs as well as year-round assistance tools and opportunities.  


Ventura County


A great website dedicated to tracking all of the latest statistics relating to Covid-19 within Ventura County. 

Check out this site for testing information, public health orders and so much more valuable information. 


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Get all the latest health information related to Covid-19 and other pertinent topics relating to your overall health and well-being.

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